Problems with Mould or Damp

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We are frequently asked to deal with damp and mould issues, which are frequently the most harmful as well.

In addition to being unsightly and damaging to clothing and other possessions, damp and mouldy conditions can also lead to a number of health problems, such as: –

Breathing problems

Ongoing coughing


Itching and rashes

Deterioration of already-existing conditions like asthma

Sinus issues that affect the senses of taste, smell, and rhinitis

Chronic Tiredness

Watery or irritable eyes

Migraines and/or nausea

Even the healthiest among us can experience these health issues, but children, the elderly, and people with underlying medical conditions are particularly at risk.

In most cases, damp can be effectively and frequently inexpensively dealt with if it is dealt with quickly and correctly.

But if the issue is ignored, specialized, frequently invasive, and expensive treatment may be needed, which landlords may be hesitant to commit to.

Contact Legal Reps today, free of charge and without obligation, if you have found any signs of mould or damp in your home to see if we can offer no win, no fee assistance.

Begin your claim now, call 02080870535 or click here.

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